UK Librem 5 Users & other stuff

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I hope everyone is well, some of these questions have more than likely been covered but I have not been in the forum for a while so please read the questions below and help out if you can, some of these questions are specific to UK users, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. Do any UK users using a Librem 5 and if so how is that working out for them?

  2. What modem did UK users order with their Librem 5?

  3. What SIM Card / Network have UK users chosen to go with for their Librem 5? And if they have tried different networks which one seems to work best?

  4. Can or has anyone hooked a Librem 5 up to a tablet? Can this be done? Or can smaller more mobile monitors be used?

  5. Can the Librem 5 be used with any make of monitor and keyboard and mouse?

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Sadly not.

The simple answer is a European one… (for me specifically) BM818-E1
The complicated way to work this out is to look at the supported frequencies.

and the frequencies in use. (click on your provider to see!)

You will find that your provider will (in many cases) overlap with frequencies seen in other countries.
(iirc I thought about getting the asia australia new zealand card because it offered the most cross compatibility between the UK US and middle east and far east (all places I’ve travelled to for work in the past 4 years, and wish to again!) but then I found a “hard use” for B20 (it would cause me issues if I wanted to change to a new provider in the UK.)
most all countries support roaming anyway. and I’ve never bought a local sim in the countries I’ve been to, so in the end my thought process was “lets not make trouble for myself”…
(of course you could get multiple models and change them when travelling)

I don’t have any information on that (as I don’t have mine yet), but the phone complies to standards, and should work on any networks that are compliant (all of them)

I’ve never seen a tablet with display port in?
mini monitor yes.
the breakout from the L5 will need to be a USB-c dock. and then you’ll plug in regular USB and monitor etc into that.
there is a thread on convergence on the forum that will give a lot more information.

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