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Hi Everyone,

I am making the cross from windows to Linux.

Since discovering Purism I am excited about their products, and I was wondering if anyone living in the UK or has visited the UK could share experiences about using Purism products in the UK.

Has anyone ordered a laptop to the UK? If so how was the experience?

Has anyone ordered or is using a Librem 5 mobile in the UK? If so how was that process and is it working?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I progress more into the Linux community no doubt I will have lots more questions.

Thanks in advance



Ordered? Yes. There are a couple of UK L5 customers in this forum. Hopefully they will speak up.

Using yet? I believe ‘no’ - because there was a race to see whether Brexit or the Librem 5 would make it to the UK first.

Good move. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have. I am in the Evergreen batch, so I won’t have much to say for a while yet. I won’t have time to get into development, but I am a long-term Linux user (and already use Linux on my mobile in the shape of Sailfish OS).

I have also been using the Gnome desktop for a long time (even during the period when Linus Torvalds threw a wobbly and abandoned it), so I am very interested in seeing how well it has been adapted to the mobile form factor.

Ordering was fine, but there is ongoing uncertainty about taxes. It seems clear now that one or the other of VAT or import duty will have to be paid in addition to the basic purchase price. I hope that by the time Evergreen comes up for delivery Purism will have sorted out the logistics so that we won’t have to pay a large administrative fee to a courier like DHL to handle that in addition to the VAT or duty itself.


Fellow UK customer here and also a current Sailfish OS user. I ordered back in October 2017 so technically I’m a backer since that was still the crowdfunding stage.

Got to agree with @pakman above, and the only thing I have to add on taxes is that during 2020, any shipping/tax arrangement by Purism for Europe-based backers will have effect in the UK.

If, like me, you opt for Fir (with an as-of-yet unknown delivery date but certainly not in 2020), then the tax situation becomes even more complicated and subject to the deal that may or may not be agreed with the EU this year. To avoid disappointment, base your decision on the assumption that you WILL have to pay taxes so make sure you’re happy paying at least 20% more on the sales price.


I’m really looking forward to hearing about users in the UK, particularly the import fees / tax charged and how strong the signal is in the UK. AFAIK it should would fine on UK bands however it would be nice to get some confirmation.

I can’t wait to eventually order a Librem5 however I just don’t have the cash atm but one day I will get one and I can’t wait.

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Hey Guys, thank you to all of you for your reply’s thats great.

I am waiting & watching for someone to get a fully workable Librem 5 and use it in the UK, I have been so wanting a phone free from IOS & Android and all the other big tech nonsense!

I am going to take the leap and for my first change from windows to Linux get a librem 15, I’ve seen a few good reviews do any of you guys use one?

Hardware kill switchs, GNOME, all the stuff Purism is about I really like.

I see some pretty bad reviews on Youtube about Purism, but then this is the internet, and as we know from the Jay & Silent Bob movie, you can’t trust what dudes write on the internet :slight_smile:

Thanks again, please keep the info coming


you’ve just initiated a LONG and costly divorce … good for you :sweat_smile:


I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

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let’s hope his “wife” doesn’t get “custody” … :joy: