Ultra Portable Linux Laptop

Does anyone know of a Linux laptop that is considered ultra portable? 12" or less?

Thinkpad x230-290 type?

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I was looking for something else I’d seen here on the forums somewhere, but I did find this:


Yeah my beef with that is it is a Pentium based solution. I would prefer an actual i series cpu.

Also really turned off by the 8gb RAM limit.

It is unfortunate, because I really like the design of the laptop.

I just wish/wait that Star Labs® upgrade it to Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200E (or update site info if change/upgrade already done).

As for portable Linux PCs the GPD Micro PC looks pretty cute to me (don’t have one myself though so can’t vouch for it)

Agreed. I have a One Netbook Onemix 3pt and while Ubuntu runs well on it, battery life is significantly worse. The real concern is thermal management. With how small the device is, temps are a serious concern. The fan, under Ubuntu, was kicking in way late, and temps were soaring.

The laptop Gavuadon linked would be ideal, if it could just a slightly beefier CPU and more RAM.