Unable to buy Librem one complete bundle

hii, I am trying to buy the complete bundle of librem one. with monthly payment of 8$. and the first step I do without problem, I create a email@librem.one, I give a backup email, configure a password and solve the capcha, all without problem, but when I hit the button to continue with the next step, it opens a wordpress login. I put the credentials that I just created and I get an alert error that says that the account does not exist. i don’t know what to do. but from the librem one web login i can log in, the problem is that i don’t have any operational service and i don’t see any place where i can modify my account to get the subscription i want to get. i guess right now it’s a free account. but i can’t get the complete bundle. there is no place that allows me to carry out the monthly subscription.


Contact Purism support:

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sisi I have already done this, I was asking if the community had any ideas.

thank you

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I have contacted support and they have told me that they are indeed having problems with the site and to try again in several weeks.

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