Unable to Flash to LUKS Byzantium Image

All - looking to breath life back into my L5 after an update killed my ability to type in my LUKS password. Working with support, we determined our best bet is to flash the phone. I would like to just go for the usual LUKS Byzantium image, but when I perform:

sudo ./scripts/librem5-flash-image --variant luks

I receive an error: NO MATCHING IMAGE FOUND. Plain works fine but not luks. Any advice here?

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Ahhhh. Thanks for that. I did scan that thread but it was a lot. So I missed it.


But did anyone at Purism actually fix the failing builds or does this need to be escalated?

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i don’t understand why you are asking

you can check Image Build [Image Builds] [Jenkins] yourself and see that they are still failing.


Because I am lazy? :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll escalate it.

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Looks like the build is back to being successful!


Would that have had anything t do with my phone and 7 - 8 flashes and it’s still of no use to me. I don’t speak techinese. :slight_smile:

If that build is “back to being successful” & I last flashed a few days ago, could that be why the phone is worse now than whe n I started?

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The command at the beginning of this thread now works and is able to find a matching Byzantium image for each board.

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i don’t think so.

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It looks as if someone at Purism has sorted that out now. Is that also what you are seeing now?

(I did escalate it but I think it may have been resolved independently of that.)

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“resolved independently”? :rofl:. It’s a good thing they don’t breed like rats.

Is it worth the effort to try it again now that it seems someone fixed the other end (byzantium)?.

If this won’t permit MMS, and no place to find apps except the Store that is usually dead and severely limited to choices, voice calls are horrible and don’t blame the mobile provider because I’ve tested other cells here with Koodo…

So, please, clear the air. Which flash should I use to again flash the phone with the right ‘Byzantium’ and compatible with my “board” so I can send/receive attachments?

And if anyone knows, is Chat married up to supposedly work with this device or are there other apps in the wild, outside the Puri Store?



I would think “no”.

Picking up the most recent “stable” build and then applying updates (what you did) should get you close to the latest overnight build. Since you won’t have any visibility of what the differences are between those two points (without substantial investigative effort), I would think it risky just to reflash in hope.

I guess only you can decide whether you have a usable phone without MMS. (For me personally, even on the iPhone, I tend to email images rather than sending via MMS, because email is just more straightforward.)

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Possibly, with a PureOS Byzantium image on a USB drive.

./scripts/librem5-flash-image --stable

Chat works fine on my Librem 5 USA.

I don’t care how you or anyone else respond to your text messages with attached documents for revision by using email.
The Internet is not going to change for Puri. Puri has to get over themselves.

Everything about this thing is so wrong. The price, the promise of " Your Librem will stay secure and responsive for years to come." It’s been 15 months since I first turned it on. When will it start acting like the ads say? If you can’t find the latest years ads, I have PDF copies of all of them .Just ask.

Ad = “Like a good wine, it will probably get better over time, not worse.” Umm, I think “better” and “worse” need to trade places.

Please don’t insult me with saying I used the latest flash. If it’s the latest, then it’s more than a year old because it took 6 months after I got the boxed electronics to take pictures that didn’t all turn out in sepia /w colour.
That got fixed along the way.
It was great to see pics taken in colour. But the “latest” flash took it right back to the dark ages and all pics are sepia again.
Sepia is was used up the late 1800’s.

MMS did work, for a very short time. That’s when mobile providers updated their end but it would work for phones 6 years or younger. This modem therefore is more than 6 years old.

It flashed this thing alright, right back to when I first got it.

It boils down to being a obsolete modem in the phone which is most likely why no one will/can or permitted to tell me how to find year and make. Being 6 years old is why it can’t connect to my two available/tested MSS providers now.
MSS was upgraded by providers and Puri dumped their old antique parts on me, and I suspect, according to several videos, will ghost me as well today.

I may not be a wiz with Linux like the hobbyists here, but I am damned good at what I use to do. No, I don’t go around youtube venting. I start at the top and work my way down. I’ve never lost that way. I know it will be time-consuming, but I have two things on my side. Time and anger at being conned.

I gave Puri 15 months to make good on their ads. Time is almost up.

Pure has some pomp and circumstance to live up to - time they started.

I also read how people paid and still don’t have the phone after several years. Others that were promised a refund, but didn’t say when.

Just because someone doesn’t jump in to learn another language programming doesn’t mean we are stupid or incompetent.


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Congratulations. But I don’t have your device (they’re not phones, not smart, not even clever and they are way way overpriced). My cameras (yeah the updowngrade doesn’t work on my demon-from-hell AKA L5.

FIRST realize I’m not stupid. Not accepting the phone works for everyone everywhere, is based on many, many reviews I spent 7 hours trudging through today and having a successful updowngrade took this thing back 15 months.
Sepia pictures. Soem where that was fixed but no doubt not added to the flash app.
MMS that needs a modem that is 6yrs or younger and piddly amount of “apps” and more. It’s back now to when we had to manually adjust camera settings before anyone moved,

Using the USB made no sense to me, but maybe because where to plug the USB in and to boot the device using it made no sense. Can’t plug a USB into the phone.

What is the difference between the “recent” flash and your USB version of byzantium flash? They are the same. Your USB woudl do the same thing - take me back 15 months to a useless camera, Chat, and what’s left. Even 2048 doesn’t work right. Heck, I have loads of laptops, and desktops here to do email if that’s how one has to respond to texts w/ pic. I just did a flash using the “latest”.
Why would anyone want to repeat that via a USB, external drive or whatever. Version X is still Version X and using different wiring won’t change upgrade X to upgraded Y.

Sorry. I really have appreciated your help through this and especially the offer but I’ve just about had it. After reading a huge amount of negative L5 comments in a variety of places tells me what a sucker I’ve been. It hurts and angers me.
I’m seriously considering taking off the gloves.


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Using a PureOS Byzantium image on a USB drive is a “good known state”, as that is what I use to reflash my own Librem 5 USA, among other important tasks. This also provides consistency for all support followup when providing instructions to others needing technical assistance. I do not use my main operating system (Qubes OS) for any of these procedures.

The command I provided ignores Jenkins dependencies, which were affecting the reflashing procedure for the last month or so. It was only recently resolved for Byzantium images, as mentioned at the beginning of this thread, but Crimson images are still not successfully building yet.

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OK, I’ll do that then. But did you know I was flashing using a updated upgraded PureOS desktop? First couple few failed because it wasn’t up- to Byzantium - it was still Amber. So was the phone. Once they were both fixed with Byzantium (both) and dtop had had everything. Getting Byzantium on it was a recent thing.

So I’m clear:

  1. List item ~Using something like Balena Etcher (in Windoze OK?) I download a compressed ‘image’, and use etcher to un-compress or install the OS on t0 the USB.
    I’ve only this once before, and it was about 4 years ago. Bear w/ me please.

  2. List item ~then I boot from the USB which will prompt me to uncompress the image on to the device? OR

  3. List item ~Do I plug the USB (somehow) in to the device and boot?

FYI - If this does work - I do need everything encrypted. LUKS?


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That will do the trick.
Be aware that the content of the USB will be lost. So if it contains data you don’t want to loose, back it up first.

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After creating the bootable USB stick, you need to boot from it.
Power down your PC/Laptop, insert the stick and let the PC/Laptop boot from it.

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