Unable to install terminal command line

When I try to install the terminal command line it says “Unable to install Terminal as download failed”.

What do I do to be able to install the terminal succesfully?

What is your OS?

You should already have a terminal, how did you try to install the terminal?

Installing anything should be done with apt (from a terminal though, you can have a terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+F1 to go to ‘non GUI mode’, press ctrl+alt+F7 to go back to desktop, those shortcut switch between what linux calls pty)

I’m using PureOS.

I did what you said: ‘ctrl+alt+f1’ but it just took me to the lock screen.

Hi @marcm

You should have a terminal if you use PureOS out of the box. Try to launch an application called Tilix.

Interesting… I know Debian well but not PureOS (and it is not technically documented), wonder what the other pty would lead to (F2, F3…)

Ok I tried launching Tilix but I got a message that says “Configuration Issue Detected: There appears to be an issue with the configuration of the terminal. This issue is not serious but correcting it will improve your experience. Click the link below for more information: https://gnuum1.github.io/tilix-web/manual/vteconfig/

Marcm, that’s actually pretty straightforward. You can ignore it if you just want to install things. That’s a warning, it won’t stop you from using the terminal. If you want to fix it temporarily just for your current terminal session, try:

source /etc/profile.d/vte*.sh

Long term fixing would involve following the instructions at the link you pasted from the warning message. I don’t think i could make that any easier for you by describing it again.


Tilix is awesome! I have little previous experience of CLI, just using zero features terminals. Tilix lets you copy and paste, drag and drop, color themes, split windows, all sorts of cool stuff. Makes life so much easier.

This is being tracked at: https://tracker.pureos.net/T389 :slight_smile: