Unable to install this distro

After reading about this distro in the news today, i decided to give it a try. Well… I can’t even install it because the live session boots up in 640x480 mode and the OS doesn’t even recognize my Netgear WNA 1100 wireless internet adapter.

PureOS only comes with free/libre, open-source drivers, and so the hardware it will work on is somewhat restricted. What computer are you trying to install on?


My computer is an AMD Fx-6300 with 8gb ddr3 memory and a Radeon 6850. I have never installed a linux distro as broken as Pure os. It reminds me of free bsd (garbage)… Why advertise an os that won’t install on 90% of computers?

I don’t think you’ve done any research on PureOS, so yes, it’s probably not for you. PureOS is all about open-source software, which provides freedom to the user. Most hardware manufacturers don’t like user freedom, and design their hardware to only work with their own proprietary code. Purism makes no attempt to have PureOS work on 90% of computers, because 90% of computers don’t respect their users.

Purism makes their own laptops which function (almost) entirely with open source software, so that they can control the hardware and ensure it does work.


@Trickson instead of PureOS why don’t you install debian (stable or testing - whicever you prefer)

PureOS is based on Debian Testing but it only works with 64 bit and in short is addapted to run well only on purism Librem hardware.

Well, this company happens to sell really nice computers that this OS works perfectly on. They’re going to start selling a phone that runs it later this year, too. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s why they’re advertising it. :slight_smile:


it’s actually closer to 99% of the computers that can’t easily install pureOS and that is a VERY GOOD THING. beeing serious about security/privacy in this day and age involves a good amount of research and hard-work - which is something that 99% of the people probably are not willing to invest in.

about the advertising part. i do agree that a good product doesn’t need any advertising but in order for people to know that it exists it has to be spoken about and pointed to leaving the rest up to the individual …

For those that care about free (libre) drivers and firmware, this is a distro for them. For those that are willing to work to resolve non-free drivers in order to experiment with this OS, this is a distro for them. If a user’s requirements fail on of one of those two pre-requisities, this is not a good distro for them. There are other distros with lower barriers to entry with workstations using components you’ve detailed. Every distro has a set of design and use assumptions that make it a better fit for some users than others (see: Kali Linux, Arch Linux, etc).

I would contend it’s not garbage. It just may not be for you. And that’s totally okay.