Unable To Reset PCI Device Error (Qubes OS)

“Unable To Reset PCI Device” “Lightbox failed to create new domain”:

I’m running into this error randomly on startup. It has something to do with combining sys-net & sys-usb controllers when installing Qubes (I think). Sys-net is the domain that won’t start.

Sometimes it goes away if rebooting with all USB devices unplugged. Sometimes it doesn’t.

So far I haven’t found a fix.

Anyone here run into it? What was the fix?

Can you supply some log messages in their context, i.e., some of the output from “sudo journalctl -b-0 -p7 -oshort-iso”? You might also benefit from looking in /var/log/qubes and /var/log/xen/console.

…a very long log. I can’t really copy/paste here, as I can’t get a comm to work without sys-net loading.

Removing the devices 1 at a time in sys-net solved the problem, but I don’t have a network device or USB any longer.

I suspect this is something to do with combining sys-net & sys-usb in the initial install?

Any ideas what a workaround might be, that would still give me an Ethernet connection?