Unable to resize PureOS root partition / filesystem

Hello all :wave:,

I recently cloned my PureOS to a newer (bigger) ssd. I am tryinig to resize the os to make use of all the new gbs, but can’t figure out how.
On other OSs (like Mint Cinnamon, for example), i’ve been able to resize Mint’s partition to trake over free space on the ssd. With pureOS, i seem unable to do that because the option to ‘resize’ the partition is greyed out. Does anyone know how to resize the PureOS partition?

The os is encrypted. I have booted into and used the new os on the new drive. Everything was normal.


  1. Open ‘Disks’ app in pureos.
  2. Navigate to the ssd.
  3. Find the partition with my OS in the ‘Volumes’ interface.
  4. Unlock the encrypted partition by clicking the unlock button & entering my password. (Verify drive unlocks.)
  5. From here, I believe I should be able to select either the ‘root’ partition or the ‘Filesystem’ partition (I don’t know which, so i’ve tried both)… then click the little gears icon & select ‘Resize’.

However, the “Resize…” option in Disks app is greyed-out for both the Filesystem and Root partitions of PureOS.

I booted into a Live-USB of PureOS… just in case I wasn’t allowed to resize the active partition. Then tried the same 5 steps above. No change.
I mounted & unmounted the “Filesystem” portion of the partition.

I must be missing something simple, no? Thanks for reading.

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Well, for a start, I would make sure that you have an exact backup image of the disk as it is before you started changing things … just in case. This is a serious point. Things can go wrong.

My understanding is that if the root partition is encrypted then this is highly relevant because you have to do 3 things:

  • resize (increase) the partition (within the partition table of the disk)
  • resize (increase) the encrypted partition within LUKS
  • resize (increase) the file system

(the second of those steps being specific to the situation that LUKS is in use).

The point of including “(increase)” is that it can be more difficult or impossible to decrease the size. But we are only talking about increasing the size here so that’s OK in this case.

I have no idea how to do that using Disks.


Do you know how things like this are typically done? On command line, I assume?

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