Unable to sign up/pay for service

I tried to sign up today on librem.one and got as far as entering my desired email and backup etc. After I hit go, it went to a word press page asking me to sign in. So I tried again and it says the account already exists. So I did a reset password and I was able to get in. But know when I try to buy it asks me to register, never to log in. So I am stuck…

I had an issue setting up my librem.one account but don’t remember all the details. I can remember that I was asked to sign into https://shop.puri.sm and look under ‘My Subscriptions’. In my case I had nothing listed there. I think I caused this by starting the sign up process at librem.one and quitting out before I finished. It was resolved by someone at support deleting my account so I could just start the process over again, which worked.

I tried signing in to https://shop.puri.sm with my librem.one account but it appears they do not share accounts.