Unable to sudo now

purism@moghone:~$ sudo su -
Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator
su: Authentication failure

This also happens when I try to do it locally on the phone. is thre a way to fix this? or how should I reset my phone back to a factory default?

nevermind i forgot i couldnt sudo su -
i can sudo bash and have root.

mOGPHONE :slight_smile:

Also could try sudo -i

I did some research in a VM few months ago and I fixed like this.

sudo chage -m 0 -M 99999 -I -1 -E -1 root

sudo -i


Then choosing a new password.

Whether you should do this depends on the exact distro. For those distros where you use your own password to do a sudo and you never use the root password and in fact there is no root password, you should not then choose a new password.


sudo grep ^root: /etc/shadow | cut -d: -f 2

gives ! or * then you should leave the root password as it is.