Unable to update OS

I have Librem 5 Byzantium.

The PureOS says there is an OS Update for me to run. But, when I click on the button that says “Download”, I get this message: “Unable to download updates: The following packages have unmet dependencies:”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t list what those packages are, the error message ends there.

Sadly I don’t know what to do to deal with this.

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I think the usual answer would be to repeat the exercise from the command line so that you get more of an idea as to what is going wrong e.g.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt upgrade reports this:

“The following packages have been kept back: libayatana-appindicator3-1”

Not sure what that is telling me…

It could be telling you one of several things:

  • Stuff-up (wait and no doubt someone will fix the repo)
  • Work in progress (genuinely not ready for release)
  • ?

At this stage, I would ignore for a while. Failure to apply updates is not a major problem providing that you are not needing some recently added functionality and providing that there are no important security updates.

There are other discussions of “packages have been kept back” in this forum.

Use sudo apt full-upgrade instead of upgrade and post its whole output.

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Thanks dos. But, before I noticed you’re post, based on what irvinewade had posted earlier, I just had an idea to try sudo apt dist-upgrade. I fully admit I didn’t fully understand what that would do. However, it seemed to take care of the problem, and as far as I can tell all is working normally. So, my amateur assessment is that command fixed the problem(s). Whatever those problems were…

To be fair, I think this is all intended behaviour i.e. in a situation of unmet dependencies, you choose how to deal with it: stick with what you have (not update) v. the full upgrade. So not really a problem.

If there’s a problem, it’s that when using the GUI to do the update, there is far too little info that would tell the average phone user how to make a decision about the way forward.

But it is failsafe. You get an error. Nothing changes. All good (still).

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