Unable to wake up after suspend or hibernate

The fact is after a couple of minutes the screen turn black but return to normal by pressing any key or by moving the mouse.

But … there is no way to turning back to normal when the time is longer (I did not measure the time)

I am running pureos10 installed on 16gb usb memory.
the iso was downloaded from here: https://downloads.puri.sm/byzantium/gnome/2022-02-22/pureos-10~devel-gnome-live-20220222_amd64.iso
Hardware: Lenovo ideapad ultrabook u430

Edit: Ctrl-Alt-F1 through Ctrl-Alt-F12 doesnt work (to access terminal or GUI mode)
Edit: meanwhile solution: turn off automatic suspend.

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Just found just about right solution, I agree. Just few short thoughts from my side: there might be (as didn’t check your laptop specs) USB-A port that provides constant power, usually only one, and to enable this you’ll need to check inside BIOS and make sure it is powered (powering things even when lid closed) on all the way (when PureOS inserted there). Secondly it is about how much swapping space your PureOS (how you installed/enabled this) use as 16GB isn’t much indeed (16GB is very tight space but might anyway be just about the very right, usable one). As third, your USB Flash drive should be capable to write files with close or preferably above 20MB per second to be able to suspend/hibernate (but probably just not enough space there).

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Thanks for your post, it give ideas I didn’t try yet.

according to gparted (I just installed) I only have /dev/sda1 ext4 14.32GiB partition. Unused space 8.04GiB
So apparently there is no swapping partition

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PureOS needs two partitions: /boot and /home so term “installed” is not quite correct one (but you’ll get there). GParted can expand your current partition (as I recall now).