Unconfirmed Librem 5 Specs - Online Shop?

I was just searching Librem 5 results for the past week and came across this:

Where are they getting these specs if the hardware hasn’t been confirmed?

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Zealous entrepreneur, probably nothing more.

The specs are made up, they don’t even seem to have attempted to mimic something likely.

The processor is supposed to be some kind of i.MX 8M which has 2 or 4 primary Cortex A53 cores and a secondary Cortex M4F core, so definitely not 8 cores as they claim.

This spec also says that it has a 5" IPS display, it’s likely that it’s going to be a IPS LCD display but I seriously doubt that it’s going to be 5 inches. The devboard is going to have a 5.7" 1440x720 display.

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Found a confirmation that the Librem 5 will have a 5.7" screen!

The Librem 5 will have a 720×1440 5.7” screen.


The mentioned page about the screen’s resolutions says:

Screen Size

The Librem 5 will have a 720×1440 5.7” screen. Given the resolution, it is going to use a scale of 2, letting us with 360×720 points in portrait mode and 720×360 points in landscape mode …

Why it’s using this scale of 2?

I would guess for convenience but also because, computationally speaking, it simplifies the process greatly for scaling.

You missed the point of my question. This scaling means that the smalest ‘point’ to paint has 2x2 pixel. Why?

Well, yes, there are mistakes in this. On the other hand “not confirmed” is also not completely true. If you followed all the updates, you know most components rather well. Battery capacity is not published/decided, and for storage and RAM we rather have “lower bounds” than specifics. Modem is defined. Not sure about dual SIM, but Nicole wants it :wink:
On RAM, Storage, Modem, see:

@guru: I think that’s developer speak. Some/most/all(?) UI toolkits use “classic” pixel sizes for defining the UI. Then, you activate HighDPI, which scales all elements by 2 internally. Texts are then (of course) rendered appropriately, and icons also, at least if you provide an (alternative) HighDPI image source.