Understanding Librem One

Can anyone explain to me how is Librem One decentralized, what all this means, and how it can be safe?

In order to question certain things and understand Librem One better I add the following transcript: “Messengers based on the Matrix protocol, like Element, were not taken into account because the federation leads to considerable privacy drawbacks. For example, messages and metadata are permanently stored on all involved servers, which means that every server operator is able to track who communicates with whom at what point in time. In the same vein, it’s evident for all server operators who the members of groups are, and the operator of a user’s home server is, in theory, even able to access their contact list.”

Not all Servers see all your Data. Its like E-Mail. When you send from Domain 1 to Domain 2, both servers see the Messages. OK by E-Mail there are some more MTAs in the Line too.

Just compare it with Signal or Facebook, where 100% of every Communication is in a single Hand.

So the possibility to have more then one Server is a feature. You can have more accounts and use it for different purposes so no one see all.

When you have you own Server, and -its like email- you chance that from sister@family-domain.com to brother@family-domain.com no one can see the exchange, just your “family-domain.com” Server. Cause its just about few bytes on your harddrive. If you run that system not in the cloud.

The key here is to use different Raspery-Pi System as Community A and Community B Services. Every one in you dance lesson or yoga lesson club have a new account and can direct communicate with your members through the same Device that share pictures and News about… so nobody else would get in touch with it.*

*If you have 100% free Software as Clients. In Reality every Smartphone(2) check your unencrypted, plaintext in typed Messages and Rate it, or Measure how long you have to read some Words or Pictures, of incoming emails whatsapps and signal messages (short Media) and Sell your behavior and reaction to “personalize future content” an actual usage of your unfree device. So frustrating.

Short, you can not imagine how perfect it may be to have media, like privacy under control. Librem One is not perfect, cause its open in the internet like every social media - its just the first step in the right direction. And if you both use Librem One, you just share your Data with purism and you (exclude the Free available Stuff Online).


(2)except free Software checked like Librem5 one.

Where are you quoting that from?

Regardless, Librem One is a service that offers a number of components e.g. Chat, Social, Mail, Tunnel.

I don’t think the FAQ really covers your questions but: https://puri.sm/faq/

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