Unexpected app added; what is this?

Today I noticed this new application in my app grid:

Anyone know what this is? Is it maybe some after-effect of another app I had installed, then deleted, e.g. Dino?

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No, seems it was just an Update by debian.


But yes, this could feel strange like malware try to overwrite input configuration or used keyboard. :wink:


What is its purpose? Do you know?

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Not sure, but follow the Link talk about:

“This input method is the essential mechanism for
Japanese, Chinese and Korean (CJK) languages to enter their non-ASCII
native characters.
Many modern input methods such as IBus support not only one of these CJK
languages but support almost all languages simultaneously by
dynamically switching keyboard modes with GUI helper program.”

You can stay with the old Version if you not speak or use Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages… however its just an update and match behavior for future releases.