Unfortunably unable to (pre)order librem5 phone

…out of stock now :frowning:

That’s just means it’s a pre-order. It won’t be “in stock” until they are shipping.


I just went to shop.puri.sm and still can add it to my cart. It says that the early bird price of $599 ends on 31 if January. You have 5 days left.

I think after the early bird price it will go up to $699

Just to be clear: even if it says “Order status: failed”, the pre-order is still placed?

My credit card has been charged.

I would contact Purism, my order status says awaiting shipment.

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hi there,
thx for all your answers.

@guru. i can add it to card. but can not finish the order.
@derkleineprinz. “Order status: failed”- waiting for payment. No order placed. No charge on my Visacard.

@goran.stevanovic. looks like i have call my bank…!

thanks & regards.

FYI: My issue was a different one: wrong zip code for credit card.
The order page confusingly claims that the reason for my “failed” order status is “out of stock”.

btw.: in my account - order #Purism_319… (order status: failed) when i click “pay” i allways get this:
“Sorry, we do not have enough “Librem 5” in stock to fulfill your order (-5 available). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

good news everyone,
order completed! status: awaiting shipment :smile:

the problem was my bank! they have some extra security thingis for orders from outside europe.
i really have to tell them that the order at purism is ok and save! with ordernumber and price.
so they can deactivate this for 24h at request.

@goran.stevanovic was right!

thanks alot people!
…new phone for me!!! :blush: