Unified GPU renderer in GTK

So GTK landed their new unified GPU renderer which uses Vulkan by default or OpenGL 3.3+/OpenGL ES 3.0+ as fallback. As far as I know the Etnaviv driver (which the Librem 5 uses) does not support Vulkan yet. Also it does not support the mentioned OpenGL requirements.

That makes me question: Is there a solution planned? For example paying a developer to implement either required OpenGL features, a Vulkan driver or another fallback for GTK’s rendering?

I assume this issue mostly applies to GTK4 and many applications on the Librem 5 still use GTK3. But in the future it would be good to have a consistent experience between desktop and mobile platforms. Personally I would prefer a Vulkan driver as solution but I’m not sure how realistic that is depending on NXP’s documentation.

Also a sidenote: Godot 4 requires similar API features as the new unified renderer from GTK. So GTK wouldn’t be the only project benefitting from GPU driver improvements.


Someone was purportedly working on OpenGL ES 3.0 support. We’ll have to see what happens I suppose, but I really do hope so. Perhaps the MNT Reform team will help out in making that a reality for their device and we’ll naturally benefit?


If a third party would implement a solution with intention to publish their efforts under FOSS license, I would happily support that.

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I am actively working on improving etnaviv during my work hours at Igalia. GLES3.0 is my primary topic at the moment with all the needed cleanups and improvements. You can read more about here: The Year 2023 in Retrospect | Christian Gmeiner

If purism wants to support my work just get in contact with Igalia.


That is awesome to hear!

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