Uninstalling Thunderbird

Because I use Thunderbird on most of my machines, I thought I’d give it a go on my Librem5. It works allright, but it only fits the screen when I scale the interface down to 125%. So, I want to remove it agsin.
But when I click the garbage can in the store, I end up with a message Thunderbird can’t be uninstalled, because “there are no packages to remove”.
What happened there?
Is there another way to remove Thunderbird (i.e. by simply deleting the Thunderbird folder? Or will this leave behind all sorts of dross?

Thanks for reading, and hopefully for a solution.

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You need to uninstall it from the Command Line Interface (CLI) by using:
sudo apt remove [package name]

Ah, okay. Thanks! I will give that a go.
I only received the phone yesterday, so I am still somewhat shy, not wanting to make a mess.

That work just fine. I guess I will have to setup Geary then.

There is also the librem email client. I put it on my android for my librem.one emails. Has a yellow icon.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.