Unlock animation L5

If I watch this movie, I see a kind of wobbling animation after the unlock of the Librem 5.
My Librem 5 however does not have this animation.
Does the movie not reflect the reality, or do I somehow have old software for unlocking my Librem 5?

Are you referring to the popup-keyboard when the passkey is typed while unlocking?

I’m referring to the password dots that make a motion of a wave after pressing OK of the popup-keyboard.

Even I do not see that bouncing dots animation after the latest update. Maybe it is a preview only feature, for now and would get rolled in later updates. :thinking:

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@dos, @david.hamner ,
This was an ask from me a very long time ago. The characters popup on the lock screen but they do not when using the terminal. Character pop-up would help with knowing which key is pressed. Any update on the ask?


Character pop-up was always one of the first things I turned off on Android because it made the keyboard basically unusable for me. So I’m hoping that this will be configurable / turned off when animations are disabled (gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations false).