Unmet dependencies help

I didn’t check this regularly but following scenario happens sometimes when you get (although automatic updates turned off and therefore very useful feature/reminder) this picture-in-picture screen (after just connected to the Internet):

Now you should directly execute: sudo apt upgrade. After this process finished please execute (check): sudo apt update and if there are still some package left that is still not upgraded: apt list --upgradable will help to locate this particular package. Afterwards executing another: sudo apt upgrade would be self-explanatory (confirming that not all of the installed software updates are auto-controlled from …).

Above probably refers to only few packages (but I cannot confirm this). My actual tip in this post would be to execute:sudo apt update regularly while even apt info gdebi tells us that: “apt does the same, but only for remote (http, ftp) located packages.

And, as I was unsure on what to answer (while not having installed plasma-discover nor using gnome-software regularly, although installed) so after several years I might install synaptic again (this time under Wayland): apt install --no-install-recommends synaptic (therefore cannot tell much about it at this point of time other that its GUI was/is informational/logical when particular application dependencies overview needed). Furthermore, aptitude is actually very fine tool too (sudo aptitude update does the same job, while sudo aptitude opens aptitude own GUI interface).

Thank you @Quarnero!

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