Unpackage customs DHL - security


I receveive my Librem … But the package is open and there is no “plastic protection”. The box too, I have other photos but I can post only one because I a new member…

Normal, you have the same issue ?

hard to trust the material … :confused:

This is not normal. But sometimes things like this can happen when customs opens up a package for inspection. That’s also why the package was re-sealed with DHL tape. This is beyond our control and customs has the right to do that, we as Purism have no influence on it whatsoever.

But please inspect the device etc. carefully, if anything is not OK with it (damages etc.) please report to us (support team via email) and we will get in touch with DHL.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks for you rapid reply !

The most important is that format the firmware and OS I think.

One thing, I see this yellow element on the picture. Normal ?

It appears to be.

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For me this looks like a shrink tube wrapped bios battery.

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