Unresolvable dependency: fwupd-amd64-signed

Hi, I’m on a Librem 14 running PureOS Byzantium. Awesome device so far, but having a small issue.

When I try to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, I get this:

The following packages have been kept back:
  fwupd fwupd-amd64-signed

So, when I try to run sudo apt-get install fwupd-amd64-signed, I get the reason it’s kept back:

fwupd-amd64-signed : Depends: fwupd (= 1.5.7-4) but 1.5.7-4pureos0.1 is to be installed

A quick look at the repo search shows me that it is indeed not installable:


Could anyone shed some light on what’s going on here please? I’m not a Linux expert and am a bit confused.

Does this help?

Hi @amarok, not quite. I did look up some of these topics before and the solutions didn’t quite work for me.

I’m actually not sure I even have a problem on my local machine, it seems like a package in the actual software repo for Byzantium is uninstallable at all, but is published and has been detected as an upgrade.