Unstable Video on Ubuntu?

I’m running Ubuntu 14 on a Librem 13. Everything works fairly well…except video. It’s terrible. Gnome Shell crashes constantly, and oftentimes when I switch applications, it’ll jitter back and forth, almost like it’s stuck between applications. The problems usually seem to happen after I disconnect my external monitor and then suspend and resume.

Upon resume, the login prompt won’t let me login. I found a hacky work around by clicking the “Switch user” and then just login as myself to get back to my desktop. Sometimes, even this doesn’t work, and I have to switch to a terminal screen and forcibly kill gnome-shell, which terminates all my desktop programs.

Is just a problem with Linux’s poor support of the Intel graphics chip? Is there anything I can do to fix this? It’s really frustrating. I paid $500 more than I did for an old Macbook, which also had a lot of video problems, but nothing this bad. I would have expected a “Linux laptop” to handle video better.

You might want to try the latest version of Ubuntu.

I had some problems too with older version of Debian.
Using the latest version of Debian clears pretty much all of the problem.

Try booting into the latest version of Ubuntu on a flashdisk / USB stick, then see if your problems went away too.

cheers, HS

I have no problem with anything running my Debian Sid. You should really use newer Ubuntu if that is the case.

I’m having a mildly unstable video on Debian sid.

With an external monitor I’m getting a brief video glitch where part of the screen flickers off to one side. It’s happening with two different monitors over HDMI.