Unused partition on new Librem 15

Hi all! I received my new Librem 15 yesterday. Verrry niiice little laptop! As a long time Linux user (since Slackware & kernel v1.0 days), it is so relaxing to have hardware that just works without needing to jump through hoops. :smile:

Quick question: There is an extra partition on my drive (500 gig) which appears to be defined but unused. There’s the /boot (sdb1), everything else (sdb2 encrypted) and finally a 17 gig (sdb3). fdisk says it is a Linux partition. But is neither formatted nor mounted anywhere. Is this an artifact left from the OEM install software and available for any use?

Thanks! Again terrific laptop Purism folks! Much success to you all!

Likely. Can you mount it?

No. If I try, It fails with the message that there are no superblocks. I tried formatting it. Didn’t appear to break anything. And I can now mount it.

In this case, it really is an artefact from OEM install, it is safe to remove it.