I just received my Librem 13 and when I opened a shell and typed “ll” to look for a file I received the following:

Could not find the database of available applications, run update-command-not-found as root to fix this
Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at:
Please include the following information with the report:

comand-not-found version: 0.3
Python version: 3.7.2 final 0
Distributor ID: PureOS
Description: PureOS GNU/Linux 8
Codename: green
Exception information:

local variable ‘cnf’ referenced before assignment blah blah blah

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I don’t think ll is a default comand. The list command is ls. I just checked on Fedora, and I see that ll is preconfigured as an alias for ls -l

So PureOS probably just doesn’t automatically make that alias. You can set it yourself in your .bash_profile file for instance.

just write alias ll='ls -l'

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This part I know, but the Python exception below is what I find disturbing.

After trying ll, did you run sudo update-command-not-found, and then that’s what caused the crash? Or even without trying it, it then printed the error message?

Additionally, have you run sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade? That might help clear up some issues.

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I tried sudo update-command-not-found and there was nothing in STDOUT.
I did an apt-get dist-upgrade and upgraded a ton of stuff and that did not fix it.
I even did apt-get remove command-not-found and then reinstalled it. Nothing.

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Sorry, command-not-found has crashed!

comand-not-found version: 0.3

I may be way off base and this may be something else, so take this with a grain of salt.

It looks like command-not-found may be the same version as reported in this Purism tracker item, so I wonder if your issue is related to that. (I finally just uninstalled that package, so I do not know if it has been fixed and updated. I do not think so.)

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It is indeed the same version. I will read some more about it. To be honest, I never even heard of command-not-found until I bought my Librem. If I have gone 20+ years of Unix without it, it will not hurt me to go without it now.

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I had not either. I have not noticed any anomalies after uninstalling, though that does not mean there are none. :slight_smile:

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