Update Firmware

Hallo, I understand how I do a firmware update as provided through https://docs.puri.sm/. However, how can I quickly check, which firmware version I have and if an update is needed. Kind regards,

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One way to get the current version:

$ journalctl -b0 | grep Purism
Mar 29 11:49:52 gshl kernel: DMI: Purism Librem 13 v4/Librem 13 v4, BIOS 4.11-Purism-1 11/26/2019

Which indicates I’m running version 4.11. I think that’s the latest.

There’s a good guide to the Librem versions of coreboot at https://puri.sm/coreboot/.

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Thank you very much for your fast reply.

With $ journalctl -b0 | grep Purism the response is:

kernel: DMI: Purism Librem 15 v4/Librem 15 v4, BIOS PureBoot-beta-11 01/01/1970

What does this tell me? So, I am not up-to-date and missing 4.11? Is this correct?

Best regards,

@buser - 4.11 is a coreboot release. The log you pasted mentions PureBoot which is not the same boot mechanism. See here for purism doc on how to update PureBoot : https://docs.puri.sm/PureBoot/GettingStarted.html#updating-pureboot-firmware

They mention that you need to pull the rom from purism’s repo, for a librem 13v4 that is here:

Looking at the desc next to the heads rom file, latest release is beta 11 which matches your log paste so I would say you are up to date.

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Thx. This has been very helpful. Kind regards, b