Update killed monitor


1 - Started day with the obstacle course to dock L5 - success.
2 - Notified there were updates - let updates through - success.
3 - When the update show was over, everything went back to just a L5 no keyboard/mouse or monitor.
4 - Setting no longer recognizes the Samsung monitor.
5 - The tweak of 200% to make things visible on L5, dropped to - well, too small to read. The light at top right blinks redish/orange/yellow. Maybe it’s the very hot L5 that flickers the light.
6 - Bought a big mag glass and could see enough to get to Settings > Display. but the Samsung is not available. Says “unknown”.

Very hard to work with especially when I’m required to enter the “passphrase” S/B password. A passphrase is a set or words, not just numbers. Everything is so small - again. :rage:

Is there a fall-back trick to so I can restore it to what worked before the different software was downloaded and installed (AKA update)?
Good updates should not cause this.

p.s. Please, stay on this topic. Taking it off topic will result in 10000 fleas invading your undies.

My Phone resets Zoom-Settings after updates too. I set my Screens to 150, to see more on Apps, Webpages and so on, so everything got smaller on the Display.

However if you need to have a big screen because the usual Librem5 Screen is too small… i do not know an answer.

Some screens have the Ability to Auto-Adjust. and this will help. In some case it can be that in early stages your Phone offer on Terminal a small resolution which is not supported by “Big Screens”. In That case the screen stay black.

Your Option is now: Enter the Password blind if you knew it, and just guess. With your Keyboard Attached.

Or put your Phone on that Docking Stage after the boot was successful - it just fit if you can use your tiny screen and Keyboard to enter your File-Storage Password, if you not changed it the Default was: 123456

What you can try too, is have your Phone connected to your Monitor, and Power Off the Screen/Monitor, and Repower it again so that the screen have to reboot. Often it resets the Screen-Settings for New Devices and Connections (due to DRM and its how it works too.). So you can have luck with this tests.

I can not help with Adjustments on the Librem5 and additional Screens cause i missed to buy an Adapter for sat case. Will try to buy one soon.

Edit: Ah what you can do too, is to reset/delete your Monitors Files.
It is stored in


Check if the File exists and have some Information, and if it did not work just take a backup elsewhere and delete it, to force a fresh default creation.

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