Update of apps && reboot

Every now and than the PureOS Store offers an update, say once a day, like right now the Screen Shot app. This is fine. But why the update of some app nearly always requires a restart of the L5, as right now?

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Or even two restarts, one to install the updates and one after the updates are applied in order for them to take effect.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that this is an intentional design decision that prioritises reliability over convenience. The approach taken means that updates are installed in a more controlled environment and updates take effect in a more controlled environment - which is the only way to guarantee that arbitrary software updates work properly.

In other words, for some random executable that is not being used by any process and that is not interdependent with any other part of the system, sure, you can just replace it with a new version and not reboot and all is good.

However at the other end of the spectrum, if you have a nest of interdependent processes offering and using various APIs and interfaces and/or active user processes using system functions then you can only really guarantee continuing correct operation by rebooting.

In addition, if you have a critical security update that will only be effective after a reboot, it is safer to force the reboot immediately rather than leave it to the user to forget to do the reboot later on (albeit that the Librem 5 may not be ready for 24x7 operation due to time-between-charges).