Update on Librem 5 hardware?


you’d be surprised :wink:


Well, I’m not a Linux nerd, but I’m willing to play and learn. I’ve done tweaking with Android when was needed, not much more.
I’m also not into selfies, but I need the camera there , because I do o lot of video chats w fam & friends. Different priorities for everyone. :slight_smile:


sorry haha i didnt mean to sound like i was runnin folks down. I just meant that people interested in this phone probably arent buying it to be able to post selfies on insta haha


I never make selfies and I dislike video chatting so I could do without the inward facing camera as well. But I guess it is nice to have for the rare case that my family really wants to video chat with me. Though a larger battery would probably do me more good.

But the outward facing camera definitely needs to stay IMO. I am considering using it as a dash cam in case someone causes an accident where I am involved.


To add to that
Folks who are buying this phone don’t have Instagram or any other social network apps installed on their phones. Those w account use them on the web only :slight_smile:


ive literally never made a video call in my life


They shouldn’t have surveillance capitalism apps installed on their phones but eventually they may have privacy-respecting open source social media apps installed. Whether they use an app or use the web site doesn’t go to the heart of it.

Which is fine for you. Other people are different.

I doubt that it makes sense to have two models of phone, one without a selfie/video chat cam for those who never use it and one with. So you may have to attempt to disable the selfie cam in software if you intend to use the photo cam. Or disable both in hardware if you don’t intend to use either cam.


I wasnt saying you should . Im just saying Ive never made a video call in my life…ever . Thats all .

Just saying I personally would prefer a bigger battery than all that selfie crap . But , thats me .


Me neither. Until I found myself across the 7 hills and 7 seas. :slight_smile: Travel for work , really makes it harder to stay in touch


Do you think (as a Linux nerd :)) if we would be able to clone - copy the IMEI numbers from old devices to our L5? I’m curious, because that might help have it registered by the network as a certified device, which I desperately need for VoLTE.
Some US carriers won’t let you have it active even when the phone is capable. So, OEM has to go through the lenghty and costly process with them.


That brings up another point . LTE aside , is the L5 going to be able to make calls using wifi ? VOIP to say supplement poor reception coverage or just wifi calls period ?


I can bet, it won’t.

Nobody found a workaround on AOSP, if carrier is not approving the device. Plus , it would need some carrier software patch installed on it.


I dont really use that anyways . just curious.


That’s done in the modem, not the phone. While we’ll have full control over what the main system does, the modem is still its own thing. None that I know of provide any kind of interface to change the IMEI. Some countries even make changing that illegal, because it gets in the way of their spying on you.


Another 2 days without any videos. Wonder why this time :unamused:




Bryan’s going to show us the best OS ever on his YouTube page this week, so I’m willing to cut him some slack.


where’s my drug ? must have drugs … the silence is killing me …


Could you please, please, please please explain why do you think L5 won’t be capable of making calls over WiFi? That would be a disaster for me​:scream::scream::scream::scream:


This is what Purism is telling us about L5 and VoIP:
“Matrix is an open ecosystem for interoperable encrypted communication, supporting a rapidly growing community of over 2 million users for VoIP and Slack-style messaging. Allowing you to easily communicate securely to any Internet connected device, including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, or GNU+Linux machines. Having a native communication suite which allows for Calling, Text Messaging, Group Messaging, and Video Calling is the future of communication.”
So… what could make someone bet on the opposite??:thinking::thinking::thinking: