Update on Librem 5 hardware?


I think they mean the special thing your provider will do if you’re not in service but have wifi.

Currently matrix/riot does not give you access to SMS/MMS or voice calls from your provider. Matrix just allows you to contact other people on matrix (or any other app that you bridge)

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Thanks, eggthumbs. Then I am OK. I’m not planning on leaving my provider as long as I’m able to use my L5 with them. Currently I use WiFi to connect with my people overseas. I’m counting on my L5 to maintain this luxury. BTY: my son just realized we can make calls through WiFi with our iPhones. I just made a call from DR to USA . I’ll find out later how it ends, but going back to the L5/WiFi I am counting on the possibility of making phone calls overseas through WiFi.


wait what? theres a possibility this phone might not even work on us carriers at all?


As eggthumbs said, it’s about carriers. So, you won’t be able to make phone calls over WiFi using your carrier provided phone number.
Of course, you can still use any other app to make and receive phone calls on WiFi. Google has been doing that for a long time now with Google voice…


oh , this is a wifi call thing . I thought it may have been a reference to the cellular baseband . Sorry I should have read more. I just got done mowing the lawn and weedwhacking with a healing broken knee so im kinda out of it .


What eggthumbs said was only in regards to matrix stuff, which joadri brought up in his purism description (quoting them).
We definitely won’t have problems with regular calls and SMS service

Though, the major problem might be lack of the LTE bands and even some frequencies. As of now, the 1 modem they already decided on , covers a half of what Att & vzw have. So, my hope lies in their additional slot, which they may fill or maybe we can add one ourselves. One that would be affordable and actually close that Gap.
Fingers crossed


LTE ehhhh ya know , I hope it works. If not I hope I can purchase a modem to make it work … if it doesnt ? I dont really care. wifi will fill that gap . This is a gsm nano sim device correct ?


That, I can only assume. It should be nano.

For me it won’t, since I’m rarely home or have a reliable WiFi access.

I would probably return the phone or sell it.


any VOIP client for linux should work. It might not look pretty on the screen though… we will have to wait and see.


as far as i know it’s microSim but regular sim cards usually come with all 3 sizes - nano, micro and normal - not a problem i imagine …


Hey, sorry, I’m not in the US so I wasn’t sure what it’s called there. It’s very unlikely Cell Provider wifi calling will work.This is for when you’re in the middle of nowhere with wifi access and want to text/call as you would in service. I believe this needs a special phone from the provider itself to work and even then it’s not all phones.

If, for example, you have a voip provider, Google voice, skype, matrix, tin cans, etc you will (should?) be able to use these over wifi as you have been all along. Just download a linux app, set it up, and use it.


im going to need a new simcard :confused:


A “selfie” cam is needed with video conferences. My son is sitting in video conferences almost every day. The younger generation has a lot of distance jobs and work from home (or any place) quite a lot. I never take selfies but I need video conference camera.