Update to PureBrowser Coming Soon?

I tried to install several Firefox add-ons but was unable to because Purebrowser is still on Firefox version 52. Any timeline on when Purebrowser will be updated? Any planned integration with Firefox Quantum? Thanks.

PureBrowser is based on Firefox ESR. This means it does not always have the latest features but it does have security fixes. Firefox ESR gets new features once a year and is scheduled for new features in August when it will be upgraded to Firefox 60. PureBrowser will most likely update sometime around the end of August and will then be on Firefox Quantum.

Using Firefox ESR makes it easier for Pure Browser developers to maintain a soft fork because ESR changes drastically less often than normal Firefox releases.

Full disclosure: I am not a PureBrowser developer. If I said something wrong I would love for an actual PureBrowser developer to correct me.


Pretty annoying I can’t even get language pack add-ons to PureBrowser…

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I changed the language in PureBrowser to Australian in the setting, with no issue?

Is Australian really a language though? I thought it was just a bastardized version of English. :stuck_out_tongue:

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