Update today - available?

did the install today, told it to update. looked at -a, and it says there are two possible versions. how to choose? Wouldn’t bleeding edge be the one? How would I know?

You are going to have to reexplain yourself more consisely. I have no idea what you installed, what you told to update, and what -a is.


sudo apt upgrade indicates a package was held back. On doing an apt list --upgradable -a, it indicates there is more than one version of librem5-gnome-phone to upgrade. I am currently on version 62, the other appears to be 64. It tells me I have one package that can be upgraded, but when I attempt to do so, it is held back. Is this clearer?

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You’re supposed to use sudo apt full-upgrade, not sudo apt upgrade. Although PureOS uses Debian stable as a base, it’s not technically stable itself, so upgrade will hold packages whenever dependencies get changed in a newer version of package being upgraded.


Crystal. I appreciate you detailing your issue further.

If the answer from @dos is sufficient, I suggest marking it as solved.

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sudo apt install librem5-gnome-phone