Updated today , now phone won't turn on/start up

Even if you not doing anything before, the system can be broke when upgrading, so this a normal behaviour in gnu+linux some times. So if you have an uart you can see what is going on.

I started the reset process that irvinewade posted. The light was red for maybe 20-30 mins. and now went off. I’m letting it charge for awhile , will try turning it on a bit later.

I guess that linux it broke. But take easy you can fix it reinstall linux or reinstalling all the gnu system.

I think that means: It was close to 100% charged before you started the reset process. In the 20-30 minutes, it reached full charge. The red LED goes off because it’s not charging any more (because the battery is fully charged). You should at that point take it off mains power (as a generic point about care and feeding of a Lithium battery) - even if you try turning it on only after some delay.

I don’t think that it’s a good idea to remove the battery routinely e.g. just because you are not using the phone.

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I’m still fiddling with the phone , haven’t gotten it to turn on yet. Yeah I’ll leave the battery in the phone from now on. I’ll post when I get it going.

Within this thread I found solution for your specific troubles, as you described those:

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Probably won’t help, as he was already taking out the battery physically, achieving the same. From that same thread:

But probably still worth a try. Can’t hurt.

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I tried all the suggestions. It will not start up. Light goes from green to yellow to red and phone vibrates about every 15 sec.The batteries are both in the high 90% of full charge because that’s what they show as when I put them into my other L5( not Byzantium) phone. Spare parts now it is.

(I wouldn’t take “putting it into another L5” as gospel. I think the other L5 can get confused by that. I would use a multimeter but let’s assume that the battery is fine i.e. working and charged.)

Have you contacted support?

Can you try to use jumpdrive to check the status of the /boot partition?

To do that:

On your computer with GNU/Linux system:

  • Install the package uuu, on PureOS and other Debian based systems, from a terminal run the command: sudo apt install uuu
  • Open terminal and run command: mkdir jumpdrive && cd jumpdrive (creates new folder and changes location to it)
  • Download: wget https://github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/Jumpdrive/releases/download/0.8/purism-librem5.tar.xz
  • Unpack: tar -xf purism-librem5.tar.xz

Put the Librem 5 in uuu mode:

  • Ensure that the phone is switched off.
  • Turn all Hardware-Kill-Switches off
  • Remove battery
  • Hold button volume-up
  • Insert the USB-C cable: (red light blinks, no green light)
  • Reinsert the battery: (red light is constantly on, the script will continue)
  • Release volume-up

To confirm that the device is in uuu mode, in the terminal run the command lsusb and search the following for an entry like:

001 Device 106: ID 1fc9:012b NXP Semiconductors i.MX 8M Dual/8M QuadLite/8M Quad Serial Downloader

Run the script: `sudo ./boot-purism-librem5.sh`

Once it is run the L5 will show up as an external drive, there will be a 465 MiB drive and a 28.7 GiB drive:

  • open the 465 MiB one, that is the boot partiton

Can you run the commands: df -h and ls -alh on the /boot partition and send the output.


My desktop and laptop run Linux Mint. Can I install uuu on one of them?

First check that it is not already installed. which uuu

Second, if it’s not already installed, do the install command as shown. If it’s in the Mint repo, it will install. If it’s not in the Mint repo, then it will immediately fail to install (no harm, no foul).

I get “unable to find uuu”

Actually say “unable to find package uuu”. Sorry

use a live linux boot dvd or simmilar.
or use the binary directly.


That means that the short answer to “Can I do this from Mint?” is “no”.

A longer answer is: Originally when I first received my Librem 5, uuu was also not in the repo for Ubuntu, so I used to git clone etc. to build uuu from sources - but subsequently uuu was made available in the Ubuntu repo.

So are you running the latest version of Mint?

20.3 Cinnamon

@j8m2p6f, easiest (and safest) way might be to download and boot into PureOS Live GUI and from there:
sudo apt update
apt list uuu
sudo apt install uuu

Now, as @joao.azevedo kindly explained, start to use Jumpdrive at the first place although just in temporary environment:
lsusb | grep 8M
uuu -lsusb

Jumpdrive method allows you to see and backup your files, etc. and, if needed or you decide so, ensures (prepares yourself) that the next reflash on your Librem 5 functions properly as well.

Yeah, no good. Obviously there are wider implications that I am completely ignorant of in your environment but if you were to upgrade to 21 or later then I believe your lack of uuu problem will go away.

Or you can use the Live Boot approach as suggested.

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If I downloaded PureOS 10 to a disc then ran it and installed uuu , would it be installed on the mint hardrive?