Updates in App-Store

In the last days there have been updates for the librem5. None of them were shown in the appstore. I had to do apt update and apt upgrade, to get them installed.
Is that the way it should be?

It would be great, it there was a list of new apps in the appstore.

I got various updates over the last week from the app store … actually I’ve never used apt. The question is whether we have the same update status.


Did you for example get Kernel-Updates? Are there any updates when you use apt, after you updated through the apt store?

Just checked, apt update returns: “All packages are up to date”. So the app-store did the job.


Does the app store have an update button where it checks for available updates akin to apt update? It’s possible that is a separate thing from a button akin to apt upgrade and that just opening the store does not run the update under the hood so when you click the button equivalent of apt upgrade nothing happens because there’s been no update equivalent run yet?

It’s been a couple years since I ran PureOS so I don’t recall precisely from memory.

If connected via WiFi when you access the app store you see a notification if updates are available, if connected via mobile data you have to force it to check the availability (automatic update can be enabled)

Before I use apt, I always look for updates in the apt store, until now I never did find any. The app store always say, that the software is up to date. Curious is, that the time, when it is last checked is always the same: 13:51.

There’s a button, yes, to ask the GUI to check again.

Whether it’s apt update or apt upgrade or both I don’t know.

In recent weeks (now that I know how to use it properly :slight_smile:) the GUI has been working well, and working automatically - and I haven’t been doing anything with apt in the shell or even had to ask the GUI to check again.

One difference for me though is that, due to the time between charges, I am shutting down my phone every day. So it is getting a daily reboot and maybe something checks for update / upgrade at boot time.

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Now I found out the stupid mistake I made. I did not recognize the refresh button in the app-store. Shame on me!

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