Updates problem

When was the last time you ran:

sudo apt autoremove

some days ago

I think it is safe for you to sudo rm and of the vmlinuz-5* all the way up to 6.2. Same for the initrd ones.
You may only need to delete one or two of those to free up enough space, so maybe start with sudo rm /boot/vmlinuz-5* and then try updating?

Done. Always the same message: Low Disk Space on ‘boot’. I’m not sure that the update was fine. It froze for some minutes at 47% of the installation of updates before to restart

Are you still stuck on this screen?
I do recall being stuck at this once for quite a while after an update (10 or so minutes maybe) but eventually it did go through.

No. It restarted but nothing changed (low space)

df -h | grep boot

I expect this is still very low on space then, and my suggestion is to keep removing older kernels from this location. Anything 6.2 or older can likely be safely removed.

So should I type the command `sudo rm /boot/vmlinuz-5.16* and on?

Anything but 6.3, I think, yes. 5.* and 6.0-6.2 shouldn’t be needed any more.

@joao.azevedo can confirm but I believe this is the way to go.

I started typing 'sudo rm /boot/vmlinuz-5.16.0-1-librem5 and give me : No such file or directory
What did I do wrong?

Then tried again with autoremove…

Maybe 5.16 is already removed?
From your last screenshot, I can see 6.1 and 6.2 still exist, plus possible 6.0 above it.

Try removing those too?

You can also remove the initrd files with the same versions. Those files are much larger so that will get you where you need to be even quicker.

Just as long as you don’t remove anything with 6.4 in it, as it looks like you are using that one now.

a total disaster. The Librem5 is dead. I turned it off and it’s not able anymore to turn on again: it continue to do a short vibration and blink with green led. It stopped to work. Can I throw it in the garbage now? :rage: :rage: :rage:
I am really fed up…

Push your Volume Down button at Boot. Can you take a Picture of the last Message, after enter your encryption password?

Edit: Mybe this helps: Low Disk Space on "boot" - #4 by Gavaudan

You should remove older kernels than 6.3. Source

My related post with more context to the start of the Matrix conversation

While it is very frustrating to break your OS, the phone can still be saved. Since something went wrong where the OS was not removing old kernels automatically, it was probably best to re-install the OS anyways.

Here are the instructions to reflash the OS: Reflashing the Phone

If you have data you want to save you can use Jumpdrive to access your files:

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It’s on my TODO list to thoroughly document and/or safely automate this process, but here’s a very rough draft I just scraped together. Feel free to comment here or on the snippet itself. I do intend to eventually migrate this draft to official documentation material.


I do think documentation of a manual solution is a good step. Is there also a plan for this cleanup to be a part of the gui update process at some point? Part of the draw for me was the long term goal that this be a device for non-technical people in my life.


By “gui update process” are you referring to the PureOS Store? The developers would have to verify this, but IMO it could be possible to integrate a pre-installation hook to query free space in /boot and clean up old kernels as appropriate. Of course, this would assume a standard use-case of preferring only the newest successfully-installed kernel and could annoy folks that may be targeting a specific version.

I don’t envision a standalone GUI for this as, frankly, this maintenance step should be invisible to the end-user in the first place.


Correct. Though I’m not opposed to a different gui solution in the future, just looking for a solution for less technical people.

As for people targeting a specific version, that seems to me to be a more technical thing that can be dealt with via documentation and disabling or otherwise avoiding the default gui solution.