Updates problem

HI all,
after 3 month not using the L5 , I turned on the L5 and I got a couple of problem:
with updates, it gives me this message
Unable to install updates: org.freedesktop.Platform/aarch64/23.08 not installed

and also the problem with ‘Low boots space’ (followed the thread but I was not able to solve it for others errors).

Could anyone help to fix the first one please?

Hi MV71,

since the /boot space is limited, try to update just the linux kernel with apt-get as root through command line. Not sure about the commands for this pureos but i think you will find it out.



An easy and fairly safe command to try and clear some space in /boot is sudo apt autoremove

That will clear out unused kernels in that partition, along with any other unused dependencies.

It doesn’t work because a problem of unmet dependencies.
How can I solve it?

Done. Nothing changes. :pensive:

Seems to happen from time to time. NB: not talking about “unmet dependencies” as a general problem - it has no general solution and no general cause - but there is, I think, some specific bug that is causing this error. You may have to contact Purism Support support@puri.sm

Done and nothing changes

Try: # apt --fix-brocken install

or: sudo and then “apt --fix-broken install”

computers are conservative about instructions.

I dont’ think it worked…

What is the output of

df -h
ls -la /boot

If you see any kernels listed under /boot 6.3 or older, I think you are safe to sudo rm them. That will free up space on the partition and should allow the updates to go through.

When was the last time you ran:

sudo apt autoremove

some days ago

I think it is safe for you to sudo rm and of the vmlinuz-5* all the way up to 6.2. Same for the initrd ones.
You may only need to delete one or two of those to free up enough space, so maybe start with sudo rm /boot/vmlinuz-5* and then try updating?

Done. Always the same message: Low Disk Space on ‘boot’. I’m not sure that the update was fine. It froze for some minutes at 47% of the installation of updates before to restart

Are you still stuck on this screen?
I do recall being stuck at this once for quite a while after an update (10 or so minutes maybe) but eventually it did go through.

No. It restarted but nothing changed (low space)

df -h | grep boot

I expect this is still very low on space then, and my suggestion is to keep removing older kernels from this location. Anything 6.2 or older can likely be safely removed.

So should I type the command `sudo rm /boot/vmlinuz-5.16* and on?