Updates to LibreOffice - how to automate in PureOS?

Why isn’t LibreOffice updating automatically in PureOS. I regularly update my system with sudo apt upgrade or sudo apt dist-upgrade, but for some reason LibreOffice has to be downloaded and updated manually. I get a popup in LibreOffice saying there is an update of LibreOffice available, but clicking that box does nothing.


I have been wondering a similar thing.

I’m on byzantium these days (since upgrading back in Jan/Feb), and added bullseye-backports to the repo list to try to catch updates beyond but compatible with the byzantium level. However, despite there being a newer version, per:

$ sudo apt list --all-versions libreoffice
libreoffice/bullseye-backports 1:7.3.5~rc1-1~bpo11+2 amd64
libreoffice/byzantium,byzantium-security,now 1:7.0.4-4+deb11u1 amd64 [installed]

the installed version is the older one. What am I missing here?

An apt upgrade or dist-upgrade won’t get a package from bullseye-backports by default, but you’ll need to specify that you would like to install from that repo. That by design, otherwise you would install all packages from backports directly when adding that repo to your sources.list, and that is pretty much never what you want.

(edit)To install something from bullsye-backports, use a command like apt install -t bullseye-backports [package]. With that said, in most cases it is a bad idea to mix different distributions - your doing it on your own risk (pureos isn’t debian). (/edit)


Debian/PureOS is a very stable distribution. Stable meaning versions don’t change on software. I removed most of my software that I want to keep up to date like libreoffice, Firefox, etc and reinstalled then using Flatpaks from flathub so I can use recent software on a stable base.

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Thank you both for this.

@gusnan, yes I see the logic behind not pulling in everything at once. I also take the point about the risk of mixing repos, but I had already been updating newer .deb versions of LibOff under amber taken straight from the downloads from libreoffice.org, so I wonder if this is such a risk in this particular instance.

@lo0, thanks for the tip re sectioning software into stable/static and dynamic/updating. That’s a very subtle and sophisticated approach to software maintenance which I’ll certainly keep in mind.