Updating apps - Linux / PureOS

Perhaps more of a Linux general question, but here goes:

Running Libre Office 6.1, want to update it to the latest version. Software app lists it twice, once showing Libre Office is installed, once giving me the option of installing 7.0. I want to check for up to date versions of my software, and install them as I see fit. If there is a version 7 out, then why would the older version still be listed in Software for install?

Not really a problem, I uninstalled the older version and installed the newer, but I guess the question is “why wouldn’t it prompt me for the new version like (some) other apps do?” or “why wouldn’t it come up in the Software listing as ‘update available’?”

I looked up some stuff on line, and found out about backports from the bleeding edge of software & etc…does this imply that if I want the latest software, I should run an unstable OS, otherwise any backports will simply show up in the list of software I could choose to install, but will not prompt for it?

Trying to understand the philosophy behind the way it behaves, or if I am simply uninformed.

you could always do it FIRST in a VM to get a feel of how it behaves …

you don’t need to run bleeding-edge as HOST OS if you don’t feel confortable with the occasional issues that arrise … with debian-testing/sid the problem is security updates rather than the rest …