Updating Librem 15 v4

Does anyone know if the Librem 15 or Librem 13 will be updated soon with a newer processor? I have a Librem 15 v4, but would possibly upgrade to a V5 if there is one.

I have had my Librem 15 v4 for about 18 months.

just speculation on my part but seeing the librem-mini it could happen this year … maybe q4 ?

The processor in the machine is 2 or 3 iterations behind. I know the big thing is security. I like System76 machines, but they do not match up on a security level.

System76’ OS is focused on x86-64 architecture and less on software vasectomies … :slight_smile:

Yeap. I like the machines. They have a few that run coreboot, but nothing as secure as the Librem laptops. I would love to spec out a Librem 15 with some high end components.

I suggest you officially ask Purism. You are really asking two questions. 1. Will the L13/15 be updated soon? when? 2. If so, what processor will it have?

The i7-7500U is still perfectly fine to use for me. I get that for some applications you may want more than 2 cores, and for other applications you might want more single-threaded grunt.

Valid point. I could ask Purism to see. As far as the processing power, you are correct. Truthfully, I was saying in a few earlier posts on this threat that I would love to purchase an updated model. That being said, it is very difficult for Purism to charge super top dollar for hardware that is not top dollar equipment.

Also, I suppose I could turn the question around the other way and ask: what processor would you like?

One consideration that I would put up is that when the requirement is for some serious CPU horsepower, it may be that the application is better suited to desktop rather than laptop. Most laptops run off battery at least some of the time and then as you gain horsepower, you lose time between charges.

When I look at the L15, I don’t necessarily stress about the CPU. I ponder whether dual NVMe drives would be nicer than one NVMe and one SATA - and I miss an ethernet port - and, while this does correlate with the CPU, I ponder whether it is overdue to have HDMI 2.0 support (I think it has been strongly hinted in here that HDMI 2.0 will come with the v5 laptop, but via conversion external to the CPU) - and everyone wants a better WiFi option.

Dual NVMe drives
Intel 10th gen processor - get past the “unpatchable flaw”
Reasonably good Wi-Fi - or an rj45 port - better, both