Updating via PureOS-Store vs terminal

Is there any benefit Updating the phone from store compared to command line based updating except that’s more beginner friendly? And why does updating via store requires two device restarts and updating via terminal usually none?

They are largely the same, The main differences I’m aware of are:

  1. The pureos store updates handle both flatpacks and apt updates (requiring separate commands on the terminal)
  2. The pureos store will restart the device if any OS files are touched. Without that restart the old libraries may remain used in memory for any program actively using them. Or in the case of a new kernel, you won’t get the update at all until you reboot. It’s possible the reboot itsn’t needed for some of the updates it wants to perform the reboot for, but it gaurentees that the newly installed bits will be used instead of holding onto old bits in memory.
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Thanks for that explaining.

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Most of the applications in the PureOS store never come up. The list appears with blank spaces where the actual items that should be there, missing.

If you install the Snap store from the terminal, it shows up in your App tray screen. From there, you can get hundreds of apps. But the Snap store scrolling menue is a bit buggy. It works. Just stop scrolling when it starts skipping around. Hold your finger in one spot until the skipping around stops. That holds your place on the list so you can continue scrolling where you left off after the skipping around stops. Also, change the display from 200% to 100%. Otherwise you won’t have access to the permissions part of the screen. So after a small learning curve, the Snap store works well.