Upgrade Librem15v3 to Librem15v4

Is it possible to send in my Librem15v3 to have the screen and video card upgraded to the 4k display? Or is it possible to do that myself? Also any other hardware upgrades/mods that you think are possible? Thanks.

The video card aka GPU is part of the CPU which is soldered on the main board. I don‘t see it as an upgrad option.
The screen should be easiere, especially because purism also offers both options, i would guess they kept it interchangeable to not having to produce to mamy diferent components.

Would be nice thought to have some detailed information about the displays and connections, so one could upgrad the panael.

From some previous threads about the display, I think replacing the display would be quite difficult, because it is glued to the laptop chassis. Perhaps Purism has the tools and skills to undo that glue and redo it, but I typically think of glue as kinda permanent, just 'cause undoing it usually really sucks and leaves residue, etc.

As @ramnasko said, the video card is just the Intel integrated graphics card that comes with the CPU. I know they didn’t have to change the motherboard between v3 and v4, so the newer CPU model they’re using would fit, but I’ve never tried swapping a laptop CPU before, so I don’t know what kind of soldering skills and equipment might be needed.

@purismuser unfortunately not. As others mentioned, it’s not easy to separate the display from the frame, and the CPU/GPU are not upgradeable. They’re part of the SoC die, which is soldered to the mainboard.

The only “upgrade” you can do for your demand is just buy another one, I advise you to keep your Librem v3 and just wait for v5 or v6, you’ll get the benefit of 8th+ gen Intel CPUs (or AMD, I don’t know if there is some kind of Intel MEI in Ryzen CPUs?).

AMD has the PSP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Platform_Security_Processor