Upgrade SeaBIOS to PureBoot

Hi All!
I’m new to this forum and hope not to double an existing topic, but I haven’t found an answer for my doubts. I’m using Librem 15v4 with coreboot/SeaBIOS firmware. I wish to try coreboot/PureBoot and when I follow the upgrade procedure as described in https://puri.sm/coreboot/ I get a warning:

Note: PureBoot firmware is currently in beta, and requires
a Librem Key as well as a dedicated, unencypted boot partition.

I am booting PureOS with GRUB and /boot on encrypted partition. So will I be unable to boot my system at all, or only unable to use TPM anti-tamper and LibremKey features?

if you currently have /boot encrypted, then no you can’t use Pureboot. The requirement for /boot to be unencrypted is not optional