Upgrade to Byzantium, unable to boot

So I upgraded to Byzantium on my L14 computer with Pureboot. But when I reboot Pureboot seems fine, it then should ask me for the password to the encrypted drive, but just hangs with a series of vertical stripes on the screen. I’ve gone down the list of different kernels to boot into, but none work. Now what?

Ok, actually I can boot into the recovery console for the previous kernel. I ran apt update and upgrade and it did install some packages, but nothing seemed important. However, it does want to install btrfs-prog and ntp, which were “held back.” But when I go to install those it wants to remove several programs including: cryptsetup-initramfs, initramsfs-tools and many linux-images, all of which seem potentially concerning, so I am not doing that. Anyhow, have yet to try a reboot as I don’t think the primary issue has been fixed.

As an additional update, I discovered disconnecting the external monitor stopped the vertical lines from happening. The computer sits at kexec_core: Starting new kernel
but nothing happens.

Ok, I figured this out: There are 3 kernels I have the option to boot into.

I can only boot into the last. Now if I boot into using recovery mode, I was able to get into the GUI. But using the normal boot, the boot screen just stops with PureOS on the screen. I can switch over to a tty and log in, but not sure what’s hanging.

OK, now this is concerning: Trying to fix my system and after reinstalling packages I got the following message:

cryptsetup: warning: luks-xxxxxx couldn’t determine device type, assuming default (plain)
cryptsetup: warning: Resume target luks-xxxxx uses a key file

So now I’m really concerned. Don’t even want to try rebooting as something may really be borked with cryptsetup.

Ok, so I can definitely now boot into any kernel fine. After pureboot runs it now asks for my encryptioned drive password in a terminal screen (no GUI as before). And after entering the password it says: couldn’t determine device type, assuming default (plain)
But after some time it does boot into the GUI (gnome).
There is no PUREOS thing prior to logging in, like there was under Amber.