Upgrade to PureOS 10: Best Practice


I like to prepare for upgrading to PureOS 10.

Generally I understand that one should follow these three steps:

Step 1. Backup your system

Step 2. Update all installed packages

Step 3. Update /etc/apt/sources.list file

Are there further best practices one would recommend?

Such as:

  • Evtl. wait a few months after version has been released
  • Not only backup files but consider full system backup i.e. with rear
  • Instead of an upgrade better do a fresh install?

Not sure. I like to prevent greater, time intensive issues.

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This. If it’s not harder to you, I would suggest to make a fresh install. In this case you get a fresh system, without the old problems that might affect it. Upgrade is typically a very complicated procedure that can always go wrong (despite the best efforts of the developers).

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Hi, thanks for your quick reply! What is your personal attitude with such big upgrades: do you better wait x months before you do it, but usually not more than y months after first release (i.e. because not being maintained any longer, no further security updates)? Kind regards,

I typically upgrade when I have a couple of free days in my life, in order to check that things work and leave time to fix it if necessary. Of course, I have to find this time before the security updates end. With Debian (on which PureOS is based) I never experience any problems though.