Upgrading after initial purchase

Say I have a new Librem, use it for a while, then decide I’d like a new power cord, or more memory, or a secondary hard drive. All these options can be chosen at time of order, but what about add-ons? How does one do that? What sort of installation instructions for the uniniated could one expect from Purism? And what would be the effect on the new TPM hardware verification package (HEADS) after install?

Hey, I can answer some of these. A new power cord can be bought from Purism directly. More memory will have to be purchased from a third party and needs to be DDR4 at 2133 MHz. You can upgrade the memory up to 16GB. A secondary harddrive, or, in the case of the Librem, an added on M.2/NVMe SSD can be added easily with a needed screw. If you want to replace the SSD that comes with the laptop you could easily add any 2.5" SATA SSD you want. All of this can be done (except the power cord) with a screwdriver.

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