Upgrading from Free to Paid

I can’t figure out how to upgrade from my free account to a full paid account. I’ve spent an hour searching around and can’t find any help. Is this feature implemented yet?

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No it’s not, but coming soon.


I started with paid. It took awhile to get it set up but that’s OK by me, I wasn’t in a hurry.

I really only wanted email.

My modus operandi was if it worked, I would pay for a whole year next billing period and add the wife too.

(Now that I got it to work, now I have 3 more weeks to think about going for a year.)

I would try just by re-registering with the $7.99 even if it requires a new user name. It may take a few days for it to clear. I wouldn’t make an attempt to start using it until the payment clears. Just so you have something to hang your hat on with the support dept. (Keep the email that shows your receipt, so you can forward if you must.)

Is there an update to this? It’s been a few years

They bill me once a year now, alles gut!

I just wanna do monthly, it’d be good if I could. Still waiting for an e-mail back from them. I swear, I have to make a review of the features, flaws, and prpblems with the site so maybe they can fix it.

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Good luck with that; I would rather trust myself and self-host instead.

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