Upgrading ssd librem 14

Okay so I’m not super formidable when it comes to this type of stuff, just the basic. So I order librem 14 pure boot bundle, w 8gbDdr4 and 250gb data ssd. I’m wanting to upgrade the ram To 2x 32gb crucial ddr4 2666 mhtz ssd… and 1tb NMVe ssd… is there any specific thing I should know before I order them from the web, I really don’t want to order and then not be able to use it because I don’t what I’m doing lol

When I upgraded the RAM in the Mini, I opened the Mini, noted the part number on the RAM, and then looked for that type of RAM online. I doubled it from 1 stick to 2, so I actually got the exact same RAM, just a second stick.

DDR4 sodimms are pretty standard, only difference is speed/latency, but they’ll all work.

any 80mm m.2 SSD will work, SATA or NVMe.

The specs are listed on the L14 product info page, simply order components that meet those specs.