Upset Post 5: Shipping Problem

I was upset but support has finally reached out. Thanks.

Purism is a pretty small company, so they don’t have the resources to staff a call or chat center.

In addition to, there is, and I believe different people tend to be behind those accounts. Perhaps the support team will be able to help, as I generally see very good things about them.

@joao.azevedo @Richard @mladen are generally the support people I see about. I suspect they will encourage you to proceed via email, but it won’t hurt to get their attention here.

“Please note that our community forums are NOT meant for customer support!”

I would just like to say here that I have found support very responsive when I submit requests in the way that they request (see below)
This this is probably TL;DR for most of you – the simple version is to email with your order number in the subject line along with a short description of the problem, then a longer description in the body. I don’t think my response time has ever been longer than 12 hours.

Yes my colleague Mladen has replied to your email.

Yes the emails ops and support are checked by different persons.

And our team is not just US based, but spread across 14 countries and 8 timezones with a total of 14 hours time difference.

In the case of the ops email the persons checking it at the moment are in Central Europe.

That might explain the delay you had in getting a reply from the ops email.

Support staff is in Central Europe and North America

thanks for you help. My laptop finally arrived.