USB armory - open source computer

Hi guys,

I wanted to know your opinion about the USB armory (
What do you think about the solution with regard to openness (hardware/software)?
Does any of you own one and could tell me/us a little bit about it?

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I’ve never seen one before and don’t own one so take with grain of salt.

  • cute, neat
  • there are other similar format devices out there (like the Intel Compute Stick - but that is without any pretense at openness or security - and has been discontinued anyway)
  • not too expensive just to try out?
  • very limited hardware specs all round - what would performance be like?
  • not clear that they have upstreamed enough hardware support so that truly vanilla distros work out of the box (and hence you run the risk of having an orphaned device after a few years unless you are able to build your own kernels etc.)
  • no video output support at all?
  • no WiFi
  • can boot from either eMMC or µSD (a tick for that)
  • the option of fused verification keys might be great in some applications but horrible in others

As it is using the same CPU make as the Librem 5 (NXP i.MX, but a lower spec than the Librem 5), it is my suspicion that they are also having problems getting hold of stock. So you might not be able to buy one now even if you wanted to.

Parting thought: I think you would have to have a clear application in mind and assess the device’s viability for that purpose.